BII Symptoms

Let’s talk about all of the common symptoms that women experience with BII (Breast Implant Illness).

Anxiety, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia, brain fog, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, limb numbness/tingling, vertigo, fever/chills, muscle weakness, temperature intolerance, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, difficulty swallowing, hair loss, dry skin/hair, slow healing, sinus infections, recurrent illness, candida/yeast infections, skin rashes/lesions, visual disturbances, choking feeling, ringing in ears, headaches, depression, decreased libido, mood swings, sharp pains in breasts, weight gain, food intolerance, swollen/tender lymph nodes, autoimmune symptoms/diagnosis, chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms, fibromyalgia symptoms, inflammation, heart palpitations, irritable bowel or bladder, shortness of breath, night sweats.

Unfortunately, most of these things come on so subtly that most of us assume they are just part of the process of aging. It wasn’t until my friend publicly shared her story and added me to a BII Fb group that I realized that my symptoms may be connected to my implants. Aside from my initial issues that developed right after I got my implants, I never made the connection. I am still in shock that I haven’t had one bout of inflammation or heart palpitations since my explant.

When you learn how sick these toxic objects are making you, there are some serious emotions that arise. Despair, shock and anger are at the top of the list. For so many women, years of their lives have been lost because they trusted a surgeon who told them this was a safe and acceptable option. I was one of those women.

I consider myself lucky that I learned the truth about these things before my symptoms got even worse. Yes, I lost some money, some time and I definitely suffered more than I should have, but it could have been so much worse. I read the stories of women from all over the world who are literally too sick to function on a daily basis. The toxic reaction their bodies have to their implants are leaving husbands without wives and children without mothers. They are ghosts in their own lives and their illnesses are robbing them of time and joy. Much like my own story, they are desperately searching for answers as to why they don’t feel well.

I absolutely believe that one day, breast implants will be taken off the market. The truth will be brought to light and women will be protected. Until then, it’s up to us to share our stories. Please, if you know someone with breast implants, let them know that this illness exists and they are not alone.

3 thoughts on “BII Symptoms

  1. I am going through numerous issues. They began two to three months after my implant surgery.
    I get weird hives, red splotches, heart palpitations, swelling in palms and feet, my anxiety is through the told, I have gone into anaphylaxis four times, can no longer drink coffee (avid espresso drinker for four years) cannot eat foods, can no longer drink any hard liquor amd minimal champagne. I have gone over this so many times that I now know this is the only thing I had done before the issues began. I am so scared to go back under anesthesia because I’m afraid I’m allergic to it now. Going to okc and texas for explant consults. I’m glad I am no longer “crazy” to some people.


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