Let’s see the world

We are only weeks away from heading back to the mountains. I cannot flippin wait. I’m so ready for a change of scenery. We need to unwind and unplug for just a bit. I think we’re all excited for an adventure and this will be the kids first time to ski.

I have this yearning to take off and travel the world with my family. I literally find myself daydreaming about selling the house and all of our stuff and taking off. Anyone else do this? Nope? Just me? Ok, great. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just want the kidsย to experience life from another perspective and one that doesn’t involve ipads and hover boards and gmos and refined sugar treats. Is that so wrong?? Ahhh. I want to live somewhere where there is less crime, less wind, more being outside. I want them to see life from a third world country. I want them to rideย on a boat in the Philippines. I want them to see the Swiss Alps and the canals in Venice. There’s a whole world waiting to be explored.

When I look back at my ownย life experiences, I know I’ve gained the most by traveling to different parts of the world. Living in a stranger’s home in Germany as a teenager and learning how to speak a new language was scary and exciting. In Germany I learned that you can buy cigarettes out of vending machines on the street and they have dessert and tea every afternoon. They eat some gelatinous, funky meats for lunch and they take longer vacations in the summers.

Navigating my way through the NY subway system at 20 by myself and then learning how to get around in LA in my mid 20’s taught me far more than I ever learned in any college lecture. I learned that the world was full of so many unique and amazing people who spoke and believed and ate differently than I did. ย The people I met in LA were intelligent and confident and knew how to get what they wanted and they made for some very intimidating bosses. Ha. New Yorkers were tough and outspoken and you could literally disappear into the city and nobody would notice you. I loved wandering through a city where nobody knew me and everything was new. The smells, the sounds, the style.. it was all new and at 20 I found it thrilling. These little cultural nuances seem so obvious, but until you experience them firsthand, you truly only see the world from one perspective. And unfortunately, right now, that perspective feels a little flat to me.

This is always when I know I’m in need of a vacation. Let’s shake things up. Let’s do something different. I’m ready to roam!






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