Elke (Elk-uh)

Elke is 10.5, going on 20. What more can I say about this super STRONG willed, spunky girl. We did in-vitro to get pregnant with her (thanks endometriosis) and my Mom and I always joke that she took out the other 2 embryos that were implanted. God knows there’s only room for one Elke in this world!

She was a live wire from the start. I remember feeling a fluttery movement in utero with her from very early on in my pregnancy, like maybe 7 or 8 weeks. I didn’t feel that with Lars until much later. As the weeks of my pregnancy went by, she became more and more active. I have clear memories of standing over people while cutting their hair and feeling her flopping around in my belly. I thought this was completely normal because I had nothing to compare it to at that point. Lars was a much calmer baby in the womb, and most definitely is the more relaxed kid still. She was rarely not moving, which is still the case to this day. Of course now, instead of walking, she zooms around the house on her hover board. She has 100% mastered the art of hovering.

During her toddler years she was always entertaining us with her different character voices and dressing up in costume. At the age of 2, she would pretend to be an old lady. She would hunch herself over and walk as if she had a cane. We were always hysterically laughing at her. She still loves to change clothes 10 x a day and she is always creating something, anything. She love to sew, knit, design, draw, create movies and huge messes in the kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised to find her on an episode of Hoarders someday. The girl saves everything and has a special knack for shoving as many articles of clothing into a drawer as she possibly can. It’s crazy town in there. I used to spend countless hours organizing and editing things to make more sense of her system or lack thereof. Now I just put the clothes on her bed and walk away. I really can’t judge.. I’m pretty sure she inherited her lack of organization from me.

Elke lives to create things. That’s just her thing. Last night I was putting her to bed, lying next to her and soaking up every bit of what’s left of my baby girl. It was quiet for a little while and I thought maybe she had fallen asleep and then she said..”i have an idea, wanna hear it?”

I’m secretly thinking… go to bed sister! But our days are often filled with so many no’s and guidances and not enough time for this special space of just sweet, open heart sharing, so I said “sure.” She told me it would be really cute to take baby carrots and shave them down at one end and then put a hole in the top with a toothpick and place some spinach there to look like the root. I suggested cilantro might look even better which she agreed. So this morning, at her request, I created her miniature carrots for her lunch. I’m hoping she actually eats them, but I’m not holding my breath. 😉


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