It has been 3 weeks since my breast explant surgery and I’m officially feeling better than I have in a very long time. I have had zero inflammation in my spine which was a constant issue before my explant. The heart palpitations have stopped. And the most exciting change has been the shift in energy. For quite awhile, I felt like I was living in a shell of myself. I knew something was off but couldn’t really put my finger on what it was exactly. I just lacked the general motivation to accomplish the simplest of tasks. Cleaning the dishes seemed like a huge chore. I chalked it up to aging. These issues evolved so slowly over time that it was hard to differentiate between what was normal and what was not.

I am so thankful for a friend who made a Fb post about getting her implants removed and the changes she was noticing since her explant. Had it not been for her post, I would never have connected the dots. I encourage you to do your research. I’m now 100% convinced that there is no such things as a safe implant. Even if your implant has not ruptured, you can still suffer from a silicone bleed which will create issues. Most surgeons will not caution you about the risk of systemic complications or autoimmune problems. They will tell you that they are safe and you’ll be fine, regardless of the thousands of women who are suffering. When I went back to my surgeon one month after my implant, he insinuated I was likely suffering from depression and told me removing my implants would not likely solve my problem. Unfortunately at that time, I trusted him and didn’t proceed with the removal. But I knew something was wrong with me, I just didn’t know what it was. Low grade fevers, body aches and muscle weakness are NOT normal. It wasn’t until I found a naturopathic doctor who tested me for heavy metal toxicity that things got better. I went through eight weeks of chelation treatments before those symptoms began to subside. My advice is to listen to your body and your instincts and RESEARCH extensively before you make this decision.

I am still working towards better health and complete healing. I believe it may be a process. I take several supplements daily and yesterday I received the green light to go back to yoga next week. I’m grateful that this path has led me to once again, be my own advocate, listen to my body and always ask questions.

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