Heading to the mountains

We spent a glorious week in Crested Butte last summer. The week was filled with outdoor adventures including zip lining, river rafting and mountain biking. I’m convinced there is nothing better for the soul than fresh mountain air. We unplugged and de-stressed and mastered the art of chilling out and had the best family vacation to date.

As much as I love the beach and cannot wait to go somewhere tropical, this year hopefully, I have a whole new appreciation for the peace and clarity the mountains bring. SO much beauty. The kind of nature that reminds you that there is indeed something so much bigger than us in this world and things might be ok after all.

We are heading back to the mountains next month to take the kids on their very first ski trip. It has been a good decade since I’ve been skiing, so this should be super interesting. Apparently people wear helmets now. This is a good good thing because there’s a high probability I will be going down hard and may find myself wrapped around a tree. I probably need to do a few squats here soon. Seriously though, I’m going to feel like I was beat with a bat if I don’t physically prepare myself for this adventure. Back to the yoga mat next week!!

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