All the healthy things

So I’m always on a quest to learn more about nutrition, holistic living and all things good for the body, mind and soul. That being said, I should drink less coffee and do more yoga… but.. life happens and I need a vice, right?

Does everyone get completely overwhelmed with ALL.OF.THE.HEALTHY.THINGS… or is it just me? Turmeric capsules, nightshades, water filtration systems and infrared saunas. These are the things that make my head swim.

If you have no earthly idea what any of that mumbo jumbo is ^^, you might want to consider staying right where you are. I’ve learned that this world of natural living is like one giant rabbit hole. I absolutely love learning about how to incorporate all the good things into the daily routine, but it certainly can be overwhelming.

But.. knowledge is power, right? You can find me over here, researching and reading and overwhelming myself on a daily basis.

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